Brand Resource Center

Welcome to LK Domain Registry’s Brand Resource Center. Here you will find the Logo usage aguidelines and downloadable assets of us and how you can use LK Domain Registry assets in your own work. Anyone using LK Domain Registry’s assets should only use the logos found here and must follow these guidelines.

LK Domain Registry logo

1 Primary Version - Horizontal logo with the tagline
LKDR Horizontal logo with the BLACK tagline
2 Vertical logo with the tagline
3 Horizontal logo without tagline
LKDR Horizontal logo without the BLACK tagline
4 Vertical logo without tagline

Authorized Reseller Logo

It is compulsory to use the Authorized Reseller Logo in reference to your affiliation with LK Domain Registry going forward.

When the primary version is not appropriate due to the availability of size, you can use different versions of the logo. When placing our logo in a design, please make sure to give it room to breathe; we call this “logo clearance space”. Always leave a clearance space area equal to the cap height of the .LK text size. The clear space guidance shown below applies to all versions.

Logo Clearance Space

The logo with a white background can be used in less contrast and busy backgrounds. The transparent logo can be used in light-colored/less busy backgrounds and any color that doesn’t contrast with the logo. Some examples are shown below. The following uses apply to all logo versions.

Usage of Backgrounds

Logo with white patch

Transparent Logo in less busy/ light color backgrounds

Transparent Logo in dark color backgrounds. Logo with the tagline in white to be used for dark backgrounds.

Do not re-create using any other typeface

Do not place the logo on backgrounds that provide insufficient contrast

Use the logo with the white patch

Do not place the logo over complex, busy, or low-contrast imagery

Use the logo with the white patch

Terms to Use

When referring to us, use the following:


  • LK Domain Registry


  • LK
  • LKDR
  • LK Domain
  • LK Domain Registration
  • Authorized Reseller
  • Agent / Partner / Seller


Logo Pack

Terms & Conditions

  • You agree to strictly abide by the standards for fair use of the logo. You should not use the logo, company name, or other brand names of LK Domain Registry in any way to indicate that it has any ownership or control of LK Domain Registry.
  • You should not use the logo, company name, or brand name in any way that would harm, diminish, or impair LK Domain Registry’s sales, prospects, brand name, or reputation.
  • You agree to give equal prominence to the logo if used in conjunction with logos of other organizations or companies.
  • LK Domain Registry may require you to remove any and all references to its logo, name, and brand name at any time, and may do so in writing. In such an event, you are obligated to remove all material no later than 3 working days from the requested date.
  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these terms and conditions, criteria, or operating rules. It is your responsibility to be updated about changes.
  • By using our logo you agree to the above terms & conditions.

Corporate Brochure

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Social Empowerment Initiatives Booklet

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