LK Domain Naming Structure

There are three types of Domains registered by the LK Domain Registry. They are:

  • Top Level Domains
    • Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)
  • Open Second Level Domains
  • Closed Second Level Domains
Top Level Domains

The LK domain, in common with many other countries, places most organizations at the second level, immediately to the left of the .lk, irrespective of the type of organization.


All registrations under the top-level domain ensure that the domain name is blocked in all open second levels provided that the second level domain is available. If they wish to use open second level domain names in addition to the top level domain, it can be done by configuring DNS entries for the open second level domain, but DNS for both top level and second level domain should be hosted on the same machine.

• Sinhala and Tamil Domain Names
The Registrants can request for Sinhala and Tamil domain names in the forms “.ලංකා”and “.இலங்கை” on the LK Domain Registry.

The .lk domain registrant(s) can request for the relevant Sinhala and Tamil domain(s) to the existing .lk domain(s) Free of Charge (FOC), through the online request form available on the LK Domain registry official website. The requested domain name should be derived from the existing .lk domain name by transliteration or pronunciation.

How to register a Sinhala or Tamil domain

  1. Please complete the form in the following link to making an enquiry for a new / registered IDN domain (.ලංකා or .இலங்கை):
  2. You will receive an email confirming your request from
Open Second Level Domains

The following open second level domains are available for registration under the .lk domain. – suggested for commercial organizations – suggested for non-profit organizations – suggested for educational organizations – suggested for hotels – suggested for websites

LK Domain Registry handles requests for registering open second level domains directly. Registrations under this category are also handled by registered Agents of LK Domain Registry.

Closed Second Level Domains

Certain second level domains are reserved for use by only certain types of users. The following domains are thus reserved by the LK Domain Registry for the types mentioned below:

• are reserved for use by schools only. The registration of domains are handled by SchoolNet.

For more information, please contact:


Phone: Helpdesk +94 11-2 784 336

• has been allocated to the Government of Sri Lanka. Only Government organizations and Departments are allowed to register domains under this category. Currently all domains are managed under the purview of the Domain Convention Policy of ICTA. The registration of domains is handled by Lanka Government Information Infrastructure (Pvt.) Ltd (LGII).

For more information please contact:


Phone: LGII Helpdesk +94 11-249 7900

• has been allocated to universities and academic institutions in Sri Lanka. The registration of domains are handled by Lanka Education And Research Network (LEARN).

For more information, please contact:


Phone: +94 81 200 3030