Domain Guide

Pay for a Domain by creating a Proforma Invoice
Pay for a Domain when the Proforma Invoice is already created
Steps to Reserve a Domain

You can now reserve a domain Instantly

New Features

  1. No more waiting for the payment details email.
    Now you don’t want to wait for the domain approval email to make the payments. During the registration process you can make the payments and RESERVE your desired domain(s).
  1. If you are requesting a domain for an Associaion, banking, gambling, etc., you should upload the requested documentation with your request. You may also upload the documentation later, but doing so will delay your registration.
  2. The Reservation of your domain name(s) could be done for multiple years easily.

Steps to RESERVE a domain

  1. Search for a domain name (s), click add to cart and continue up to Order Summary.
  2. Click ‘Continue’ button in ‘Order Summary’ screen.
  3. Select the tenure you wish to pay for (1, 2, 5 or 10 years).
  4. If you wish to reserve and pay for your domain now, select the preferred payment method:
    Visa/Master Credit Card
    Sampath Vishwa or
    Dialog Ez Cash.
    Your Proforma Invoice will be created for the domain(s).
    If you wish to pay later, you should select Pay by Cash/Cheque (Offline)
  5. Enter the promotion code if applicable, you will be re-directed to the selected payment gateway.
  6. Once the payment is completed, the domain(s) are reserved for you.

The RESERVED domain(s) will be activated when the Registry reviews and confirms the domain.

If you wish to Pay Later:

  1. Click ‘Continue’ button in ‘Order Summary’ screen.
  2. Select the tenure you wish to pay for (1, 2, 5 or 10 years).
  3. Select the preferred payment method as ‘Pay by ‘Cash/Cheque’. (you may also pay later using a credit card, etc, by selecting this option).
  4. Your Provisional Domain Request will be Submitted.

Note: Your provisional domain(s) will be available only for 3 Days to make the Payment(s) and Reserve the Domain(s).

Domain Review:

  • A RESERVED domain will go into Domain Review stage
  • If the RESERVED domain is accepted, your domain Registration will become ACTIVE.
  • If further information/documents are requested within the review process, these should be submitted within 7 days.
  • If the request is rejected, the payment will be credited to your account. You may use this for any other .lk registrations/services.

Note: Your Domain will be Registered and Active only after the Review Process.

Steps to Reserve a Domain and submit the Registrant Details later

Now, reserving your domain is even quicker with our new feature, “Add Registrant Later.”

If you don’t have the registrant (client) details on hand, simply click “Add Registrant Later” and choose the residence type (foreign or local) before placing the domain request.

Steps to submit REGISTRANT/REASON details:

Once you place the request without registrant details, you can add them by following the below steps,

  • Log in to your account and click domains/payments
  • Domain will be visible in “incomplete” status and click “Manage Domains” in front of the domain
  • Click “EDIT” and add the reason if you have not added the reason
  • Click User Roles and “EDIT” the REGISTRANT accordingly

Both REGISTRANT DETAILS and the REASON are mandatory

Domain Review:

The domain will remain in the “incomplete” stage until you provide your registrant details and the reason.
Once you’ve added the required details, the domain will change to a “Reserved” status.
You have up to 3 days from the submission date to add details for the domain (registrant details, organization details, and the reason). After 3 days, the request will be rejected.

If you change the residence type (foreign or local) of the registrant after reserving the domain, the currency and payment will be adjusted accordingly.

This feature will be only available for reserving domains—those for which payment is made at the time of the request.

Steps to Reserve Bulk Domains