Domain Registration – Step-by-Step Procedure

1. Application for Registration of Domain Names

All applications for the registration of a domain name must be completed in the manner prescribed by LK DOMAIN from time to time.

The applicant is required to submit an online application to the registry.

LK DOMAIN may in exceptional cases and at its sole discretion provide registration or other services relating to a .LK name directly to an applicant.

Registrants in all categories must comply with all policies, rules and procedures of LK DOMAIN in respect of registration and usage. LK DOMAIN may amend such policies, rules and procedures from time to time.

Domain names are allocated on a “first-come-first-served” basis (as determined by reference to the time at which a completed application is received by LK DOMAIN), provided the information submitted is complete and all necessary documents as and when required are submitted at the time of registration and all procedures relating to the application have been complied with. A later but complete application will have priority over an earlier but incomplete or non-compliant application.


2. The supporting documents required for domain registration.

a. Schools – a letter from the Principal
b. Religious places –a letter from the Head Priest/Head
c. Banking related domains – copy of the license from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka
d. Insurance related domains – copy of the license from the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka
e. Sports related domains – approval from the Ministry of Sports or relevant authorized body.
f. Gambling related domains – approval from Ministry of Finance
g. Political parties – Letter from the General Secretary of the Party
h. Associations/Unions –a Letter from the Secretary of the Association / union.
i. University related domains – a Letter from the Vice-Chancellor.
j. Other similar domain – a letter from an appropriate person.


3. Domain request verification

Once you submit your domain request, a verification email, which allows you to click on an embedded link to verify the chosen domain, will be sent to the given ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT email address. Verification will not be completed until the recipient clicks on the given link.

If you fail to verify your request within 24 hours, your domain request will be automatically removed from the system.


4. Domain requests with incomplete / incorrect information

You must specify all mandatory fields such as name of the contact person, address, phone number and email. Any incomplete requests shall be rejected without prior notification.

The LK DOMAIN takes reasonable steps to correct some of the inaccurate information given by you. This can include contacting you to get your identity and contact information verified. Failure to provide the required information will result in the domain being discarded and eventually made available to the general public.

If you wish to proceed with it, you are required to follow the entire process from the beginning.


5. REGISTRANT details

If you register a domain name on your client’s behalf, it is required that you provide the client’s details as REGISTRANT contact information (Contact Person’s details of the ORGANISATION).

Please DO NOT provide your details as REGISTRANT / ORGANISATION details.


6. Rejection of Application or Registration of Domain Names

LK DOMAIN retains the ultimate discretion to reject or refuse any .lk domain name sought to be registered by an applicant.

Agents shall refer to LK DOMAIN when in doubt of registering any domain names.

LK DOMAIN may cancel or suspend a registration, accepted by an agent, which LK DOMAIN in its sole and absolute discretion determines to not be in conformity with LK DOMAIN’s policies, procedures and guidelines for registration.

Each of the registrant agrees that LK DOMAIN shall not be liable for any loss or damages or expenses arising out of LK DOMAIN’s rejection of the application or registration, or cancellation or suspension of the domain name.


7. Expiry and Renewal of Domain Names

Registrants may register a domain name for an initial period of either 1,2, 5 or 10 years. Upon successful registration, a domain name shall be deemed to have been registered in the name of the registrant as of the date on which such registration had been applied for, and the said registration shall expire in one or multiple years respectively from such date,

Prior to the Expiry Date, the registrant of a domain name may upon payment of the requisite fee extend its period of registration by either one, two, five or ten years beyond the then current Expiry Date.

In the case of domain names that are not renewed on or before the Expiry Date or within a specified time period decided by LK Domain, immediately following the Expiry Date (“the Post Expiry Grace Period”), the domain name will be suspended.


8. Suspension and Deletion of Domain Names

A facility named SUSPENSION has been introduced for domain names that have been registered but are not renewed on time. The existing server details of the particular domain name are removed temporarily and pointed to LK Domain Registry servers so that when a person browses the particular web address, he/she will be directed to a web page which says that the domain name has been temporarily disconnected.

The original registrant may reactivate the domain name during the suspension period by settling all outstanding dues. If they fail to do so, the domain name will be deleted after a reasonable time as decided by the Registry.

Interested parties can request for an expired domain name (only during the period in which the domain name is SUSPENDED). As per our normal procedure, domain names may be re-categorized into higher priced categories before being SUSPENDED.

At the expiry of the suspension period:

• If no requests have been received, release the name after a certain period as decided by the registry for general public.
• If only one request has been received, he name will be registered to that applicant.


9. Request for a Suspended Domain

If you are interested in registering a suspended domain, you can add your contact details by visiting the suspended website.

At the end of the suspension period, the Registry will send emails to all contacts in the waiting list to get their confirmation. The Registry will accept the confirmation on first-come-first-served basis and allow registering the domain.


10. Fees

All fees and charges are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT), which Registrant shall bear. If Registrant is required under any law, regulation or other government order to deduct or withhold any sum as taxes, levies, duties or any other fee imposed on any amount payable to LK DOMAIN pursuant to this Agreement, the amount payable to LK DOMAIN must be increased by such amount necessary to ensure that LK DOMAIN will receive a net amount equal to the amount which LK DOMAIN would have received in the absence of any such deduction or withholding.

LK Domain Registry will not process SVAT on domain registrations.


11. New domain payments

Once your domain is approved by LK DOMAIN, payment should be made within three (03) working days and otherwise the application will be cancelled. Failure to pay your domain registration on the due date may result in your domain name being deleted by LK DOMAIN and become available to the public for registration and subject to category / price change.

If you wish to proceed with it, you may require following the registration process from the beginning.


12. Request for changing of information

• Changing NAMESERVERS, MX records, C Names, A records etc.
Any change should be originated from an email given as REGISTRANT, ADMIN or TECHNICAL. Alternatively sending a request through an Official letter is acceptable.

• Changing CONTACT DETAILS of a domain
REGISTRANT or ADMIN can request to change the other contact details whenever required by sending an email or through a signed official letter.