Renew A Domain

  • When should you renew your domain?

Upon successful registration, a domain name shall be deemed to have been registered in the name of the registrant as of the date on which such registration had been applied for, and the said registration shall expire in one or multiple years respectively from such date.

Prior to the Expiry Date, the registrant of a domain name may upon payment of the requisite fee extend its period of registration by either one, two, five or ten years beyond the then current Expiry Date.

  • How do you renew your domain?

Registrants may register a domain name for an initial period of either 1,2, 5 or 10 years. You will get discounts when you register for more than one year at once.(view price details here)

Option 01: Using My Account

You can create your account in the New Domain Registration System and you will be able to renew your domain on your own.

New Payment Process –Renewal

1. Click on the link

      2. The system will then take you to the below screen.



      3. Enter your registered email and the password to log-in.

     I. If you are not registered with us, you may create a new account by clicking on the “REGISTER” button
II. If you don’t remember or lost your password, please click on the “I’ve lost my password”.

      4. You can then log on to our system using the registered email & password.

      5. Once you are in the home page, click on “MY DOMAINS” button to view the registered domains under your name.

26. Should you wish to renew any of the domains listed, please click on the orange box.  Please also note that you can renew only the domains in “Suspended” or “Completed” statuses.


 7.Select your Subscription Plan and click ‘PROCEED’ button.


 8. Then you will be taken to the below screen, which allows either

I. ‘PAY NOW’ option – to make an Online Payment using the Master / VISA Card or
II. ‘INFORM YOUR PAYMENTS’ option – to inform your payment made by any other method other than Online Payments. (This includes payments by Cash at the Bank, Cheque/ Draft Deposit/ Bank Transfer etc.



Option 02 : Manual process

If you don’t have the feasibility to follow the option 01, our manual process will assist you to get your domain renewed.

Step 01: By now you should have received a notice reminding your domain renewal from LK Domain Registry.

Step 02: Follow one of the payment process mentioned in the email you received. (online/bank payment/cheque/easy cash or mCash) (View payment options)

Step 03: Please login to My Account and inform your payments in order to avoid unnecessary delays in renewing your domain(s).

Step 04: The domain will get renewed during the next 24 hours but may have delays on non working hours.

Please contact us for clarifications or any other assistance via 011-4216061

  • What will happen if you do not renew your domain on time?

In the case of domain names that are not renewed on or before the Expiry Date or within a specified time period decided by LK Domain, immediately following the Expiry Date (“the Post Expiry Grace Period”), the domain name will be suspended.

If the domain has expired, you are required to regularize your account by settling the arrears annual subscriptions which enable you to renew your domain and claim multiple year discounts. Please contact the customer services hotline for more information.

Domain Suspension:

The existing server details of the particular domain name are removed temporarily and pointed to LK Domain Registry servers so that when a person browses the particular web address, he/she will be directed to a web page which says that the domain name has been temporarily disconnected.


Domain Name Deletion

The original registrant may reactivate the domain name during the suspension period by settling all outstanding dues. If they fail to do so, the domain name will be deleted after a reasonable time as decided by the Registry. 


  • Will you lose your domain forever?

Interested parties can request for an expired domain name (only during the period in which the domain name is SUSPENDED) via the particular suspended website. As per our normal procedure, domain names may be re-categorized into higher priced categories (Desirable or Special Domain Names) before being SUSPENDED.

At the expiry of the suspension period:

• If customers have placed their interest in registering the suspended domain, LK Domain Registry will inform them and register the domain according to the order they placed their interest.

• If no requests have been received, the domain name will be released to the general public.