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Cyber Lowata Piyapath (

Cyber Lowata Piyapath project is operated under the theme of making an equal platform for global education for all. It’s main endeavor is to create diversion of the education field in Sri Lanka using communication and information technology along with developing, setting up and updating school websites with active participation of the students. By these websites broadening the online education opportunities and managing schools and affiliated institution resources efficiently and effectively. Uniquely it empowers schools IT Societies under the responsibility of the IT Teachers to allow children to develop websites themselves.

This project is run by Webcomms global pvt ltd. with the sponsorship of the LK Domain Registry and with the collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Offerring opportunities without turning them down. Our responsibility is to update with the fast global advances of technology and to advance with those global trends and to show our children the right path to utilize information technology productively in a responsible way.

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IT Support Through “Suhuru Sara” Programme

LK Domain Registry sponsored Nannasala Teldeniya to conduct the 6th batch of Joomla Training Programme for 46 students in Kandy District from 23rd to 30th November 2020.

LK Domain Registry “Suhuru Sara” Programme support island wide IT Training Programmes.

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“Suhuru Sara” e-learning Programmes

Covid-19 has resulted to change the global education system greatly with the distinctive rise of e-learning system.

In this online session thirty five students participated and have been taught how make a secure password to their email or longing credentials and how to use of Google search engine, find job opportunities through the search engine.

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Joomla Training Programme - 3rd batch

Batch 3 Nenasala Joomla Training Programme has been completed on the 6-11-2020 and its the 3rd batch of 2 group of Joomla Pilot Programme for 40 Students.

Nenasala Computer Lab has been used for Joomla Pilot Programme and the programme has been sponsored by “Suhuru Sara” LK Domain Registry - Training Programme.

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Sarvodaya – “Suhuru Sara” Awaness Programmes

“Suhuru Sara” awareness programme on Effective use of Internet in education and career development conducted by LK Domain Registry in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Sarvodaya-Fusion.

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Training in Web Design using Joomla CMS and Web Design Competition

To facilitate development of Internet infrastructure and to improve the Internet in Sri Lanka the LK Domain Registry has initiated a web design programme and a “web competition” to expose students to latest technologies, tools and their usage to increase productivity, to be innovators and to become positive contributors to the society while being responsible digital citizens. Teachers will also be educated on modern day technology in web design together with its features so that they will be able to assist children deal with these tools.

We have initiated this programme in the Sri Jayawardenapura Education Zone and are working with Nenasalas around the Island to extend this programme to other Zones in Sri Lanka.

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